Bathroom Hidden Cam

It’s so much fun seeing these chicks in the bathroom, we could do this all day long. But our favorite night has to be Friday because everyone is off work and these girls sure drink, so there is a lot of activity in the bathrooms. We even saw a few cat fights started because they didn’t wait in line. We’re telling you, things get really wild in the weekend and of course, we have a lot more chicks to pick from. The cameras are still well hidden, so no one suspects that they are recorded while peeing.

Tonight was a good night, but from all the flashing girls that visited our bathroom, we picked this one to show it to you guys. She had pretty much to drink so she visited a couple of times the bathroom. The sexy brunette went a couple of times with her friends to gossip in front of the mirror, but we caught her all by herself in the bathroom stall as well. She was wearing this sexy black blouse, a see through one, so every got a good look at her bra, a pair of blue jeans and some heels. Like we said earlier she was a bit buzzed and we noticed when she was looking for some toilet paper and it took her a while to noticed that it was right next to her. But besides that, we got some really nice czechtoilets preview of her pussy and a few shots of her peeing too. Click here to see it all!

See this buzzed chick pissing in a public bathroom!

  • Updated September 7, 2017
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