Czech Toilets Gossip

Yes, you are right! Girls do gossip a lot when they go to the bathroom together as you are going to see in this Czech toilets update. We caught on camera these two chicks that entered in the same stall to continue talking, so while one of them was peeing the other was explaining her something. This hasn’t happened in a while, but it sure makes things more interesting. We caught the girls using the camera from the ceiling and it was so much fun to watch.

They entered the bathroom together and while the brunette was explaining something, the blonde one goes to the bathroom. But the girls didn’t want everyone else to hear their conversation, so talking thru the door was excluded and they were left with only one option. They had to do go in the same bathroom stall. Lucky for us! Nothing really happens in there but it was real fun watching them talking in the same stall while one of them was peeing. Also, those are pretty small stalls so don’t imagine there’s a lot of space in there. But we still got some really good footage of the gorgeous blonde, her big tits, and her pussy. This was all for today but make sure you check out the scene below and until next time you can also check out the rest of the updates. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more!

See these chicks sharing the same bathroom stall!