Czech Toilets – Sexy Blonde

Czech Toilets is back with another great update. In this hot update we have this hot blonde showing off her pussy while peeing. She was too hot to miss so we kept our eyes on her. The best part is the every toilet has three cameras so we couldn’t miss her. She came with some friends and after the way they were drinking we weren’t surprised that she went to the bathroom three times. The sexy blonde looked amazing and she turned some heads when she entered the pub. As you know we always bring you the hottest amateurs!

She was with some friends, but let’s face it she was the prettiest of them all. She was wearing a sexy white dress and some see through panties. Once she entered the bathroom everyone was waiting for her to enter in a stall. We wished we could get a nice boob close up, but her pussy is more than enough. She lifted her white dress, pulled down her tiny panties and started peeing. She didn’t stay too much in there, but it was enough to get her on camera. That toilet camera really paid off because we got some really good buttspy footage from it. And like we said earlier she went in the three time so we have more than enough pics of her. Stay tuned for more sexy European amateurs getting caught while peeing by our hidden camera. See you next time!

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  • Updated September 7, 2017
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