CzechToilets Close-up

CzechToilets is back with more hidden camera footage! For you guys that don’t know how things work around here, let us take you on a little tour. We have a bathroom filled with hidden cameras, there’s one over the sinks and two more in the bathroom stall. One is very well hidden in the toilet and the other one is in the ceiling. No one entering the bathroom would expect to find cameras, especially in the stalls. So the girls enter take off her panties and we get to see their pussies and see them peeing. Now that everyone knows what happens in our bathrooms let us introduce you to our¬†czech toilets guest of the day.

We thought to change it up a bit so for this one we have a more mature woman getting caught while peeing on the camera. She was a bit shy too from what we saw because although there were a few free stalls, she waited until everyone left the bathroom and then she went in, to pee. The poor thing didn’t suspect a thing, she was afraid everyone will hear her pee and now, instead of that, we have her on camera peeing. The blonde mature took off her white pants and her tiny blue panties and started peeing. She needed some extra time to wipe so we got a few extra shots for you guys to enjoy. See you next time!

See this hot blonde mature peeing in a public bathroom!