Czech Toilets Video

As promised we brought a Czech toilets video. We had to pick from so many videos, so instead of bringing you one chick, we brought in the video below all the ones that we liked. All those cameras we have there really paid off because we have really good footage and you can see the chicks waiting in line and the best part, you can see them while they are peeing. Although most of them looked straight in the camera no one could actually figure it out, so we are all good.

We spend some time until we found the best place for it and now we can get the best pussy close ups you are going to find. We know how much you guys like the European girls, especially the Czechs and in our updates you are going to see some of the hottest ones. So finally someone figured out what girls actually do in the bathroom! You must see them showing off their asses and pussies to the camera without having the slightest idea. Below you can find any type of girl you want from brunettes, to redheads and blondes. From slim to curvy, younger or older. This video is perfect because it has it all. Enjoy this latest czechtoilets update and stay tuned because we have so many other scenes that we would like to share with you guys!

Enjoy watching the hottest chicks peeing!

Free Czech Toilets

We are back with more sexy babes peeing in these Czech toilets. The pub got a lot of good reviews lately so it was filled with girls and they were getting hotter and hotter. There was something about this sexy blonde that caught our eyes because we were all waiting to see her in one of the stalls. It took her a while to get there, but after all those free drinks on the house, she finally went. The bathroom was filled with girls and we couldn’t decide which one to watch. When the blonde finally got in a free stall and she took off her pants, she was definitely worth the wait.

The curvy blonde was all in black, black pants and a black sweater, but she had some really nice panties, purple ones with lace. She took her time in there so we got as many shots as we possibly could using all of our cameras. The blonde even spend some time in her panties, showing off her fine ass, while she was checking herself in the mirror. Like we said earlier she was worth the wait. This was all for today but stay tuned for the next update because it’s going to be the hottest one we posted until now. We finally got our hands on a nice video to share with you guys, so don’t forget to get back and see it. Until then click below and enjoy the juicy czechtoilets scene!

Check out this gorgeous blonde peeing in a public bathroom!

Girl On Girl Action

Hey there and welcome back to czech toilets. This time these Czech girls really gave us a show. We told you a while ago that there isn’t a lot of action in these stalls, well this is one of the rare occasions when we get to see some girl on girl action. The girls were all over one another during the entire time they spent at the table so we were expecting them to continue their fun in one of our bathroom stalls. So after a few more drinks, the girls went to the bathroom one at a time, so nobody would suspect a thing about them.

They had to wait for some time until the bathroom got completely empty and they could mind their own business. Everyone would’ve noticed the girls going in the same stall. So the first one entered and while she was peeing the other one joined her. They couldn’t take off their hands of one another and things got really hot. While the blonde was still peeing, she started rubbing her girl’s pussy through her underwear. Unfortunately, we couldn’t record audio in this one but we are sure there was moaning too. But right before the girls got hotter someone entered in the bathroom so they had to stop there. It surely was a really good day, so don’t miss these two in action in this latest czechtoilets update!

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Czech Toilets – Redhead Peeing

The hot redhead from today’s Czech toilets update is the weirdest chick we’ve seen by far. We saw her since she entered in the pub that she was looking really funny around, checking everyone out. She sat at the table with her friends, but they most of the talk, meanwhile she had two cups of tea so she went to the bathroom. We were so curious to see if she was this weird in the stall too. Well, no surprises there, because she waited until everyone left the bathroom to enter, but that wasn’t the weirdest part of it all.

The redhead looked around in the bathroom stall carefully, we must admit she scared us, we thought she was going to find out cameras. After she spent some time looking and looking, she entered, closed the door and started unbuckling her pants. She sat on the toilets but all the time she was peeing she kept on covering her pussy with her hands. This is one of the weirdest things we ever saw and like we said so many time, we had a lot of chicks passing our doorstep, but nothing compared to this one. But with all her covering we still got some really good shots of her pussy using both of the cameras we had in there. The hot redhead was really interesting to watch and we are sure you guys will enjoy her too!

Check out this hot redhead pissing!

Public Toilets

These past few days we saw the hottest blondes peeing in our bathrooms and thanks to our cameras we got to see a lot more that they would want us to. It was a pretty quiet day at the pub, there were a few chicks at the tables but no one that hot to be worth our time. When we were getting ready to close we saw this smoking hot blonde running in the pub asking us to use our bathroom. The poor thing couldn’t keep it until she got home. This was exactly what we needed to finish the night on a high note. We showed her where the bathroom is and went behind the screen to see her peeing and get a really good look at her pussy. She’s one of the hottest chicks that we ever caught on camera, so she had to be our update for today.

We’ve seen her around, she was working at a little shop next to the pub, but this was her first visit here and she went straight to the right place. Being in such a hurry she didn’t even have the time to think about cameras. It would’ve been useless anyway because from the hundreds of chicks that went no one ever saw them. But let’s get back to our sexy blonde and her amazing body, she was wearing a tiny top and a skirt, so she was moving pretty fast. But we still managed to get her. Enjoy it!


Watch here this hot blonde showing off her pussy!

CzechToilets Close-up

CzechToilets is back with more hidden camera footage! For you guys that don’t know how things work around here, let us take you on a little tour. We have a bathroom filled with hidden cameras, there’s one over the sinks and two more in the bathroom stall. One is very well hidden in the toilet and the other one is in the ceiling. No one entering the bathroom would expect to find cameras, especially in the stalls. So the girls enter take off her panties and we get to see their pussies and see them peeing. Now that everyone knows what happens in our bathrooms let us introduce you to our czech toilets guest of the day.

We thought to change it up a bit so for this one we have a more mature woman getting caught while peeing on the camera. She was a bit shy too from what we saw because although there were a few free stalls, she waited until everyone left the bathroom and then she went in, to pee. The poor thing didn’t suspect a thing, she was afraid everyone will hear her pee and now, instead of that, we have her on camera peeing. The blonde mature took off her white pants and her tiny blue panties and started peeing. She needed some extra time to wipe so we got a few extra shots for you guys to enjoy. See you next time!

See this hot blonde mature peeing in a public bathroom!

Nice Ass

We found a really nice ass last night with the help of our hidden cameras. These chicks still don’t have a clue about all the cameras in there, it’s amazing no one even suspects it! The Czech bars are always filled with beautiful women and so are the Czech toilets. The girls around here like to party and they don’t say no to a lot of things, especially to drinking. So don’t be surprised to see so many hot chicks in the stalls two or three times a night. From all the girls that passed thru the bathroom, and there were a few, we pick this one of you guys.

A hot blonde that clearly needed some time off to relax. Although she was that young she still looked amazing, so we gave a closer look. The hot blonde was wearing a white blouse with a pair of jeans and some sexy underwear, more photos of her on She entered, pulled down her jeans and her panties and started peeing. With the help of the toilet cam, we got a really good look at her pussy. In this time, without suspecting a thing, she was checking out her makeup in the stall mirror. Everyone is attracted to that mirror, we don’t saw anyone enter a stall and not look in the little mirror inside. This is all for this update, but we’ll see you with more peeing women next time on czechtoilets. Enjoy!

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Czech Toilets Gossip

Yes, you are right! Girls do gossip a lot when they go to the bathroom together as you are going to see in this Czech toilets update. We caught on camera these two chicks that entered in the same stall to continue talking, so while one of them was peeing the other was explaining her something. This hasn’t happened in a while, but it sure makes things more interesting. We caught the girls using the camera from the ceiling and it was so much fun to watch.

They entered the bathroom together and while the brunette was explaining something, the blonde one goes to the bathroom. But the girls didn’t want everyone else to hear their conversation, so talking thru the door was excluded and they were left with only one option. They had to do go in the same bathroom stall. Lucky for us! Nothing really happens in there but it was real fun watching them talking in the same stall while one of them was peeing. Also, those are pretty small stalls so don’t imagine there’s a lot of space in there. But we still got some really good footage of the gorgeous blonde, her big tits, and her pussy. This was all for today but make sure you check out the scene below and until next time you can also check out the rest of the updates. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more!

See these chicks sharing the same bathroom stall!

Bathroom Hidden Cam

It’s so much fun seeing these chicks in the bathroom, we could do this all day long. But our favorite night has to be Friday because everyone is off work and these girls sure drink, so there is a lot of activity in the bathrooms. We even saw a few cat fights started because they didn’t wait in line. We’re telling you, things get really wild in the weekend and of course, we have a lot more chicks to pick from. The cameras are still well hidden, so no one suspects that they are recorded while peeing.

Tonight was a good night, but from all the flashing girls that visited our bathroom, we picked this one to show it to you guys. She had pretty much to drink so she visited a couple of times the bathroom. The sexy brunette went a couple of times with her friends to gossip in front of the mirror, but we caught her all by herself in the bathroom stall as well. She was wearing this sexy black blouse, a see through one, so every got a good look at her bra, a pair of blue jeans and some heels. Like we said earlier she was a bit buzzed and we noticed when she was looking for some toilet paper and it took her a while to noticed that it was right next to her. But besides that, we got some really nice czechtoilets preview of her pussy and a few shots of her peeing too. Click here to see it all!

See this buzzed chick pissing in a public bathroom!

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Czech Toilets – Sexy Blonde

Czech Toilets is back with another great update. In this hot update we have this hot blonde showing off her pussy while peeing. She was too hot to miss so we kept our eyes on her. The best part is the every toilet has three cameras so we couldn’t miss her. She came with some friends and after the way they were drinking we weren’t surprised that she went to the bathroom three times. The sexy blonde looked amazing and she turned some heads when she entered the pub. As you know we always bring you the hottest amateurs!

She was with some friends, but let’s face it she was the prettiest of them all. She was wearing a sexy white dress and some see through panties. Once she entered the bathroom everyone was waiting for her to enter in a stall. We wished we could get a nice boob close up, but her pussy is more than enough. She lifted her white dress, pulled down her tiny panties and started peeing. She didn’t stay too much in there, but it was enough to get her on camera. That toilet camera really paid off because we got some really good buttspy footage from it. And like we said earlier she went in the three time so we have more than enough pics of her. Stay tuned for more sexy European amateurs getting caught while peeing by our hidden camera. See you next time!

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  • Updated September 7, 2017
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