Czech Toilets – Redhead Peeing

The hot redhead from today’s Czech toilets update is the weirdest chick we’ve seen by far. We saw her since she entered in the pub that she was looking really funny around, checking everyone out. She sat at the table with her friends, but they most of the talk, meanwhile she had two cups of tea so she went to the bathroom. We were so curious to see if she was this weird in the stall too. Well, no surprises there, because she waited until everyone left the bathroom to enter, but that wasn’t the weirdest part of it all.

The redhead looked around in the bathroom stall carefully, we must admit she scared us, we thought she was going to find out cameras. After she spent some time looking and looking, she entered, closed the door and started unbuckling her pants. She sat on the toilets but all the time she was peeing she kept on covering her pussy with her hands. This is one of the weirdest things we ever saw and like we said so many time, we had a lot of chicks passing our doorstep, but nothing compared to this one. But with all her covering we still got some really good shots of her pussy using both of the cameras we had in there. The hot redhead was really interesting to watch and we are sure you guys will enjoy her too!

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