Czech Toilets Video

As promised we brought a Czech toilets video. We had to pick from so many videos, so instead of bringing you one chick, we brought in the video below all the ones that we liked. All those cameras we have there really paid off because we have really good footage and you can see the chicks waiting in line and the best part, you can see them while they are peeing. Although most of them looked straight in the camera no one could actually figure it out, so we are all good.

We spend some time until we found the best place for it and now we can get the best pussy close ups you are going to find. We know how much you guys like the European girls, especially the Czechs and in our updates you are going to see some of the hottest ones. So finally someone figured out what girls actually do in the bathroom! You must see them showing off their asses and pussies to the camera without having the slightest idea. Below you can find any type of girl you want from brunettes, to redheads and blondes. From slim to curvy, younger or older. This video is perfect because it has it all. Enjoy this latest czechtoilets update and stay tuned because we have so many other scenes that we would like to share with you guys!

Enjoy watching the hottest chicks peeing!