Public Toilets

These past few days we saw the hottest blondes peeing in our bathrooms and thanks to our cameras we got to see a lot more that they would want us to. It was a pretty quiet day at the pub, there were a few chicks at the tables but no one that hot to be worth our time. When we were getting ready to close we saw this smoking hot blonde running in the pub asking us to use our bathroom. The poor thing couldn’t keep it until she got home. This was exactly what we needed to finish the night on a high note. We showed her where the bathroom is and went behind the screen to see her peeing and get a really good look at her pussy. She’s one of the hottest chicks that we ever caught on camera, so she had to be our update for today.

We’ve seen her around, she was working at a little shop next to the pub, but this was her first visit here and she went straight to the right place. Being in such a hurry she didn’t even have the time to think about cameras. It would’ve been useless anyway because from the hundreds of chicks that went no one ever saw them. But let’s get back to our sexy blonde and her amazing body, she was wearing a tiny top and a skirt, so she was moving pretty fast. But we still managed to get her. Enjoy it!


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