Nice Ass

We found a really nice ass last night with the help of our hidden cameras. These chicks still don’t have a clue about all the cameras in there, it’s amazing no one even suspects it! The Czech bars are always filled with beautiful women and so are the Czech toilets. The girls around here like to party and they don’t say no to a lot of things, especially to drinking. So don’t be surprised to see so many hot chicks in the stalls two or three times a night. From all the girls that passed thru the bathroom, and there were a few, we pick this one of you guys.

A hot blonde that clearly needed some time off to relax. Although she was that young she still looked amazing, so we gave a closer look. The hot blonde was wearing a white blouse with a pair of jeans and some sexy underwear, more photos of her on She entered, pulled down her jeans and her panties and started peeing. With the help of the toilet cam, we got a really good look at her pussy. In this time, without suspecting a thing, she was checking out her makeup in the stall mirror. Everyone is attracted to that mirror, we don’t saw anyone enter a stall and not look in the little mirror inside. This is all for this update, but we’ll see you with more peeing women next time on czechtoilets. Enjoy!

Enjoy watching this hot chick peeing!

  • Updated September 7, 2017
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