Free Czech Toilets

We are back with more sexy babes peeing in these Czech toilets. The pub got a lot of good reviews lately so it was filled with girls and they were getting hotter and hotter. There was something about this sexy blonde that caught our eyes because we were all waiting to see her in one of the stalls. It took her a while to get there, but after all those free drinks on the house, she finally went. The bathroom was filled with girls and we couldn’t decide which one to watch. When the blonde finally got in a free stall and she took off her pants, she was definitely worth the wait.

The curvy blonde was all in black, black pants and a black sweater, but she had some really nice panties, purple ones with lace. She took her time in there so we got as many shots as we possibly could using all of our cameras. The blonde even spend some time in her panties, showing off her fine ass, while she was checking herself in the mirror. Like we said earlier she was worth the wait. This was all for today but stay tuned for the next update because it’s going to be the hottest one we posted until now. We finally got our hands on a nice video to share with you guys, so don’t forget to get back and see it. Until then click below and enjoy the juicy czechtoilets scene!

Check out this gorgeous blonde peeing in a public bathroom!